Energy Advice:

Better ways to use electricity

By doing a few simple things, you can cut your electricity bills, and
help make Nigeria more energy efficient – and that is good for us all.
Here are some ways to do this...


Buy energy-efficient appliances

The most energy efficient appliances are rated A++++, but even those rated A+ will still use reduced electricity. This is particularly important when buying a new fridge, freezer or air-conditioner, as they consume more energy. These appliances are often a little more expensive to buy, but are less expensive to run. This means you will get your money back through lower electricity bill.


Ensure that you are not wasting electricity through poor connections and wiring

You can do this by having all your electrical work done by a qualified and competent professional. Having this work done by somebody who isn't suitably qualified is also potentially dangerous.


When you are using an air-conditioner keep your doors and windows closed

If you do not, you will be wasting energy and money.


Keep your air-conditioner thermostat at 22-24 degrees

Trying to keep the temperature of a room lower than this will mean you are using more energy than you need to.


Use a fan rather than an air conditioner when possible

A fan uses less power and is cheaper to run.


Turn off lighting points and appliances

When you are not using a room, remember to switch the light off. When you are not using an appliance, switch it off. If you leave it on stand-by, it is still consuming energy.


Use energy efficient light bulbs

These use less power and generally last longer.


Keep your fridge and freezer doors closed

Don’t leave them open for too long when you are taking things out or putting them in. If you do, the temperature inside rises and will have to be cooled again; this uses a lot of electricity.


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