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Why has Port Harcourt Electricity Company (PHED) been privatized?

This change became imperative to address the many challenges and constraints we have all faced as a result of the unreliable electricity supply and poor power infrastructure in our country. All around the world, it has been found that privatization helps make large Government owned organizations more efficient and productive.


What will the new PHED do?

The company’s core functions will remain as they were when it was a state-owned company. In other words, it will continue to distribute electricity, maintain overhead and underground lines, electricity poles, telecommunications equipment and metering systems.

As a private company, PHED is looking forward to making the required improvements to the electricity distribution network. These improvements will enable us provide you with more reliable and efficient electricity supply. We will now be able to do things that weren’t possible before, like investing in new equipment and carrying out much needed repairs that will make the network better for us all.


What other goals does PHED have?

We will focus on delivering real value to you based on a better understanding of your needs. As a result, we can create an increased variety of service and support options to meet your specific power supply needs and budget. Our focus in the short term will be:


What areas will PHED now cover?

We will continue to serve the states of Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Rivers in Nigeria’s South-South Region.


Who will run PHED now?

PHED will be run by 4 Power Consortium. This is a group of 9 investors that includes: 

Lilleker Brothers Ltd. is a leading engineering company which offers a wide range services incorporating all aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering, transmission lines, water treatment and trunk lines, which also includes the construction of buildings and highway maintenance;

Taleveras Group of Companies Limited, a wholly-owned Nigerian company, with a consolidated global turnover in excess of $3B offering strategic solutions in Energy, Power and Construction services;

Income Electrix Limited, an indigenous engineering services company with over 20 years experience in providing end-to-end power systems solutions;

Calcutta Electricity Supply Company (CESC), which has proven experience in running utilities;

Skyview Power Technologies Limited an engineering services company providing Mechanical and Electrical works, transmission line network, sales and services of transformers, electric cables, project management;

The Akwa Ibom Investment and Industrial Promotion Council, (AKIIPOC), is responsible for driving the Akwa Ibom State Government investment and industrial promotion initiatives;

Bayelsa Electricity Company Limited, registered by the Bayelsa State Government to generate electricity;

First Independent Power Company Nigeria, one of the 3 Rivers State Government owned IPPs. It was registered to carry on the business of the provision and sale of power or ancillary services in both the rural and urban areas;

Paradise Power Nigeria Limited, a company registered by the Cross River State Government to generate and distribute electricity.


How did 4 Power Consortium become the chosen operator for PHED?

Under the Electric Power Sector Reform Act 2005 (EPSRA) (Act No 6 of 2005), the Bureau of Public Enterprise (BPE) established a competitive bidding process for the privatization of eleven electricity distribution companies in Nigeria on behalf of the Presidency, Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN).

During this process, the technical and commercial credentials of all interested bidders were assessed and considered. 4 Power Consortium was selected, having been deemed the bidder most capable of delivering PHED’s long-term success.


What are PHED's Committments?

Our Commitments =

Collaboration - We will engage constructively with our partners to achieve win-win results
Respect -  We will treat our employees, partners, customers and communities with respect and dignity
Execution Speed and Excellence - We will drive operating effectiveness by eliminating duplication, leveraging scale, ensuring compliance, and improving systems
Accountability - We will hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders by conducting our business in ways that sustains business performance and growth
Tenacity - We will relentlessly invest time, expertise and resources to address complex power challenges and deliver solutions that improve the quality of life in our communities
Integrity - We will place integrity at the core of everything we do
Value our Customers - We will strive to deliver exceptional service, react quickly to resolve issues when identified, keep our service and work environment safe and always keep our doors open to our customers
Equity and Fairness For Employees - We will foster a high performing culture that is based on equity and fairness and motivates our employees to create value and make a difference in the  business, in the lives of customers and the communities they live and work.


Who will be PHED’s customers?

Domestic consumers, businesses, factories, schools, hospitals, etc. PHED will be looking to supply power to anyone who needs it in the geographic area that we cover.


What will privatization mean for me as an existing supplier?

Our aim is to make PHED the most efficient and profitable utility company in Nigeria. As a privatized company, we will be able to do much more than was possible when PHED was under state ownership, which means greater investment in technology, systems, innovation and new projects. For our suppliers, PHED’s transition from state to private ownership will offer an unprecedented opportunity to supply a company with a fast-growing customer base, both domestic and commercial. As demand for power grows, new opportunities will open up for companies that can meet our requirements and standards to tender for new business.


What will happen to existing contracts?

As long as they have been appropriately awarded, we will do our best to honor all current contracts. However, whenever a business changes hands, it's inevitable that some contracts will come under review. We will be looking to continue working with any supplier who understands our requirements and wants to join us on our journey to becoming the most efficient and sustainable utility company in Nigeria and the best provider of services.


How will new contracts be awarded?

Our aim is to conduct our business with absolute fairness and integrity, which means that we will use a competitive and transparent tendering process. This will give all suitable suppliers the opportunity to demonstrate clearly to us how they can meet our needs.


Will only existing supplies be able to tender for new jobs?

No. If you are a young company that has products and services of the kind and quality we are looking for, and you can demonstrate that you are able to meet our needs, then we would like to hear from you.


Where do I go to get further information?

When it is fully developed, our website will offer suppliers easy access to their account with PHED, information on tenders and contracts, and a wealth of other information and updates.

Until then, if you have any immediate questions, and to register for regular information updates, in the first instance please contact via our contact page here >

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