Doing business with the newly
privatized PHED

As part of reforms to improve Nigeria’s power industry, Port Harcourt
Electricity Distribution Company (PHED) is now a private company, owned
and managed by 4 Power Consortium.

Our aim is to make PHED the most efficient and profitable utility company in Nigeria.

As a privatized company, we will be able to do much more than was possible when PHED was owned by the Government. This means greater investment in technology, systems, innovation and new projects; and it will open up many new opportunities for suppliers who can meet our requirements and standards.


What to Expect

In future, contracts will be awarded with absolute fairness and integrity, which means that we will use a competitive and transparent tendering process. This will give all suitable suppliers the opportunity to demonstrate clearly to us how they can meet our needs. Opportunities to tender will be publicly advertised on our website, and via the mass media where applicable.


For Existing Contractors

If you have an existing contract, as long as it has been appropriately awarded, we will do our best to honor it. However, whenever a business changes hands, it's inevitable that some contracts will come under review.

We will be looking to continue working with any supplier who understands our requirements and wants to join us on our journey to becoming the most efficient and sustainable utility company in Nigeria and the best provider of services.


Supplier Information

When it is fully developed, our website will be even more robust, offering our suppliers easier access to their account with PHED, news about tender and contract opportunities, and a wealth of other information.

If you have any immediate questions, or would like to receive regular updates please sign up using our contact form here >