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As the day to day delivery of service evolves, we know you, our customers have many
questions. Here are some of the most frequesntly asked questions from our customers.
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(Q) What is CAPMI Metering Scheme?

(Ans.) Credited Advance Payment for Metering Implementation, (CAPMI), is a special metering scheme designed by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, (NERC) that provides a platform for customers to pay the cost of the meter and installation into a dedicated account. Once payment has been effected, the customer will have their meter installed within 45 days, by a distribution company using a NERC accredited vendor/installer.


(Q) What is Ecobank CAPMI Meter Micro-Finance Scheme?

(Ans.) Ecobank CAPMI Meter Micro Finance Scheme is special metering scheme that allows intending pre-paid meter owners to apply for a micro-finance loan from Ecobank to finance meter acquisition. This takes away the burden of paying the full sum (of the cost) for meter from the customer.


(Q) Who is qualified for Ecobank CAPMI Meter Micro-Finance

• Any new customers served by Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company and who do not have the meters • Existing PHED customers with damaged or faulty meters • Any post-paid customers who has no outstanding debt and wishes to acquire pre-paid meter.


(Q) How do I apply for Ecobank CAPMI Meter Finance Scheme?

(Ans.1) For Ecobank account holders: Application forms are available for pick up at designated Ecobank branches or any PHED office (Ans.2) For non-Ecobank account holders: CAPMI Application and Account Opening forms are available at Ecobank branches or PHED offices. Applicants are to complete and submit the forms at designated Ecobank branches as early as possible


(Q) How long does it take to get application for meter approved?

(Ans.) Application approval can be obtained not later than five (5) working days from the date of submission of completed application form at Ecobank : 


(Q) When does meter installation commence after application approval? PHED?

(Ans.) Not later than 45 days from the date of transfer of funds into PHED Account (as required by NERC CAPMI guideline).


(Q) What is the tenor $ interest rate of Ecobank Micro-Finance facility?

(Ans.) Maximum of 36 months at 12% per annum on the NERC approved costs of the meters and installation.


(Q) What is the payment procedure?

(Ans.) Payment is made through monthly deductions from customers’ accounts as per repayment schedule


(Q) Why prepaid meters?

(Ans.) These are the types of meters approved by NERC under the CAPMI Scheme.


(Q) What classes of prepaid meters can be acquired under the scheme?

(Ans.) All categories of meters, comprising Single-Phase and Three-Phase Meters as per NERC Metering Code.


(Q) When and Where will the scheme commence?

It will start in Rivers State in November 2014 and thereafter, it will be extended to Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa and Cross-River states.