PHED:  Happy to Serve You

From the 1st of November 2013, Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHED) is no
longer a Government-run company but privately owned and managed by 4 Power Consortium.

This change is needed to help improve the power sector, which is essential for growing our economy and will impact all aspects of our society.

As a private company, PHED is looking forward to making improvements to the electricity distribution network that it could not do before. This means we will be able to provide you our customers with more reliable and efficient electricity supply to your homes and businesses.

What to Expect

We are here to improve the quality of electricity delivery to the 14 million people of our 4 states.

We will focus on delivering real value to you based on a better understanding of your needs. As a result, we can create an increased variety of service and support options to meet your specific power supply needs and budget.


Help Us Serve You Better

We are committed to serving you better but cannot do it without the partnership of our customers and the communities we serve. Please help us to serve you by:

Of course, it will take a little time before we are as good as we want to be in every way, but we can make life better for you immediately in two very practical ways.

1. New Customer Call Center

First, we are launching our new Customer Call Center which provides you easier access to contact  us if you want to know more about any of our services or have a problem with your supply. At the moment you can only call us during working hours, but in future you will be able to call us 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

2. Usage Based Billing

Second, we will be sending you bills that are based on how much electricity you have actually used, not an estimate of how much you have used. This means that you won’t pay for electricity you haven’t consumed, this benefit is available to all our customers who have properly installed and working meters.
As we work to transform our service and network,  our aim is to make sure that any changes or improvements we make, have a minimal effect on the electricity tariff you pay.

3. More Convenient Ways to Pay

We will work to provide more convenient options for you to pay your PHED bill by

These are in additon to the already existing options to pay through our:

Please remember to keep a receipt of payments made for your records.